A great brand, with the best specialised products.

KFC is a brand with a great story behind it. They looked to Purified Air for similar reasons. A great brand, with the best-specialised products. 

We have been supplying KFC with commercial kitchen odour control equipment since the mid-1990s. There are two ESP 4500’s and a UVO 1000 unit at this site in Stourbridge. Fried chicken is generally a high grease and odorous cuisine, so we are always careful when selecting the right specifications for each job.

ESP 3000

UV-O 1000



KFC kitchens in the UK have Purified Air equipment installed
Long standing


year relationship with KFC


Service visits per year

Services provided

Electrostatic Precipitation

Removing smoke oil and grease from the cooking process

KitChen Odour Control

Removing and reducing smells from the cooking process at extraction point

Risk Assessment

Helping KFC to comply with the DEFRA Guide/EMAQ Documents Risk Assessment

Safe ducting

High effective filters and regular servicing visits ensure duct systems are kept clean and safe.  

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