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Exciting New Partnerships to Conquer Oil, Smoke, and Odour Challenges

When it comes to commercial kitchens, the battle against oil, smoke, and odour is relentless, no matter where you are in the world.

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Ecology unit, filter box, pollution control unit – what’s the difference?

No matter what you call them, they all do the same job. They are boxes with filters in them. Want to know more? Here’s our simple guide to filter boxes:

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Keeping the clean air flowing – Meet our servicing support team

One of the benefits of working with Purified Air is our specialist in-house servicing and maintenance. All of this is managed by a dedicated support team who book in our engineers to conduct checks and ensure the life and effectiveness of each air filtration system.

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New Product: MFU Range

We have released a new product. The MFU (Multi-filtration unit) is a modular range of filter boxes specifically designed to collect the oil, grease and …

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The Truth about ESPs

We use our 40 years of experience, knowledge and know-how to design and manufacture our market-leading electrostatic precipitators, providing you with the most effective kitchen …

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Roadvent – a groundbreaking way of reducing in-road emissions

We are introducing Roadvent – a new and exciting way of capturing, treating and reducing in-road emissions by 91%. We’re proud to be a project partner, using our tried and tested technology, knowledge, and experience to develop and deliver this world-first solution to the public and private sectors.

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Versatile and seamless – a refreshing way to improve indoor air quality

As you’ll know from your work, concern for the air we breathe has moved into front and centre in our daily lives. We all crave the flow of clean air to help us feel comfortable in everyday environments. One great solution for your clients is our UVGI-Ceiling Cassette Air Purifier.

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The wonders of the warehouse

From the shelves of our 20,000 square foot facility to our customers’ sites across the globe, our warehouse operation team keep our extensive stock of market-leading commercial air filtration products moving smoothly.

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Behind every successful organisation is a great support team!

Superb customer service can only be delivered with a superb support team around you. It’s the people behind the scenes who keep projects running smoothly.

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What is Electrostatic Precipitation?

Purified Air’s unique electrostatic precipitator (ESP) is our flagship industrial air cleaner. The technology and process is used to remove smoke, oil and grease produced by commercial kitchens, as well as within indoor air filtration systems to remove fine particles from the air.

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Jeven heaven

Announcing a new partnership with Jeven UK. Our team is thrilled to announce a partnership with Jeven UK to deliver total air filtration solutions to the commercial kitchen industry, capable of high efficiency and low environmental impact.

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University of Kent tests and verifies UVGI performance

Given the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic and the flood of cheap products from overseas, we wanted to give our clients added reassurance that the SARS-CoV-2 virus can be deactivated by exposure to UVGI using our units.

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