Ecology unit, filter box, pollution control unit – what’s the difference?

No matter what you call them, they all do the same job. They are boxes with filters in them. Want to know more? Here’s our simple guide to filter boxes:

Different name, but ARE THEY all the same?

Put simply, they are all, in essence, the same thing: metal boxes with a combination of passive filters. These filters remove smoke, grease, oil and odour particulates from a commercial kitchen extract system.

No matter what you call them, they all do the same job. They are boxes with filters in them.

It’s not just the name that is confusing. The products themselves can be heavily bespoke or integrated into other products and solutions. This makes a simple form of filtration unnecessarily confusing.  

Modular filter box systems are best

At Purified Air, we want to simplify the product range and remove the jargon. That’s precisely what we have done with our modular MFU filter boxes. We have three sizes which you can configure to handle any airflow. 

It is well known that kitchen extract systems are not always placed in the most accessible spaces. A modular system can configure standard units to fit pretty much any space. Additionally, we can make large production runs of the product casings by standardising various sizes. This ensures that build quality is high and consistent and reduces lead times significantly.

Why use standard sizes filters?

Using standard sizes creates a simple system that allows consultants to configure and specify bespoke systems using a range of standard-sized products. You can stack,  position units back-to-back or in series using any of our three sizes of unit (600, 1200, 1800) series.

Any combination of passive filtration, including Panel, Bag, HEPA and Carbon filters, is selected and specified to meet the kitchen exhaust’s filtering requirements. The locating rails inside the units are quickly interchangeable to meet any selection of filter types needed. We also have a special sealing rail for gaseous filters (carbon or other media), ensuring there is no air bypass of what is essentially a molecular sieve.

Easy to service

All filters are replaceable, using industry-standard filters. The construction of the unit provides cleverly designed hand access to withdraw the filters easily. Again, we are thinking of the installer and client by putting industry-standard filters that can be bought from a range of UK manufacturers. We are not tying them into an additional expensive and bespoke component.

Fan-less flexibility

We decided not to integrate a fan within our multi-filtration units so that an installer can specify a fan independently. This allows the installer or designer to specify a fan that suits the system best and even locate it remotely if space is an issue.  If it should be required, we can integrate a fan into any of our systems.  

Want to find our more?

For more information on our filter box options, visit our MFU product page, or if you have any questions, please get in touch. Email us on or call on 01708 755 414

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