MFU Range

Commercial Kitchen Filtration

Our MFUs are modular filter boxes designed specifically for kitchen extract systems; they collect the oil, grease and smoke particles filtered out of the exhaust through a combination of passive air filters, including panel, bag, HEPA and carbon.

Its modular design means units can be configured in various ways to handle any required flow rate, providing effective and efficient kitchen extract filtration.

Modular in design
Endless combinations
of passive filtration
Multiple configurations
Built for stock
/ No lead times
A superior Filterbox

The high-quality unit can house multiple filter combinations and is effortlessly serviced, replaced or even re-configured to provide continually effective and affordable kitchen extract particulate control. Additionally, the units help reduce grease build-up within the ducting and reduce odours.

Key Benefits
  • Eliminates oil, grease and smoke particles and odours.
  • Filters particles down to submicron levels.
  • Specifically designed for commercial kitchen application.
  • Significantly reduces grease build-up within the duct run.
Our Passive Filters
Panel Filters

Used as stand-alone pre-filters or as a pre-filter to bag filters filtering oil and grease particles.

Bag Filters

They can be applied as a pre filter to carbon cells in malodour extraction, taking out oil and grease particles ahead of the carbon filter stage.


Removes up to 99.97% of particles down to a sub-micron level and mainly used for the removal of smoke particles. Available in multiple grades.


Our site safe carbon filters use panels of activated carbon to remove the malodourous gases within the commercial kitchen extract duct. When used with pre-filtration, the carbon’s life span is greatly increased.

Technical specification

MFU 600


W640mm | H630mm | D925mm


MFU 1200


W1245mm | H630mm | D925mm


MFU 1800


W1885mm | H630mm | D925mm



How it works

Our MFUs fit in line with the kitchen ducting and can be configured modularly to cope with all extract flow rates.
  1. Cooking particulates and odours
  2. Canopy Grease Filter
  3. MFU Unit
  4. Air Flow

used by

Our commercial air filtration systems have been installed in the kitchens of some of the world’s most prestigious brands.

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