New online tool allows for speedy specification

Purified Air has developed a new online Product Specifier for commercial kitchen consultants and contractors to allow for fast, accurate specification. The tool is accessible via an exclusive link and facilitates quick access to the ideal product package recommendation for clients’ commercial kitchen, extract or exhaust system needs.

Users simply enter information, using the handy hover-over guides, to choose the right option. This information includes:

Once the user has completed this, they click the calculate button and up to three options are automatically provided – one unit for smoke and larger particulates and a secondary unit for odour, as part of the existing extraction system. Each option can then be assessed based on specification and cost.

How does the Product Specifier work?

The information entered is based on the Emission Monitoring and Air Quality (EMAQ) government guidelines, which cover the control of odour and noise from commercial kitchen exhaust systems in the UK. Several of the questions in the Product Specifier tool have scores attached to them. Those scores are totalled up to inform the type of air filtration level required, which can be low, high or very high. Airflow and whether solid fuel is used are project-specific information and don’t affect the score, but will affect the size and type of filtration required. 

What does this mean for consultants and contractors?

When it comes to specifying the optimal solution for controlling grease, smoke and odour, there are a vast array of options, and it often takes time to find the right one. It’s also hard to know what combination of products are right. Our online Product Specifier tool aims to make it easier for consultants and contractors – who already have an excellent working knowledge of kitchen extract and air purification – determine what products or combinations of products they’ll need for their project. It’s also easy to change any of the criteria and receive up to three different suggestions.

What downloads does it provide?

The tool displays each product with key product specifications and has links to the following:

Want to find our more?

If you’d like access to our Product Specifier tool, please get in touch via our contact us page or via or form and we’ll send you the link. 

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