8 stage kitchen air filtration for the world famous burrito makers

Chipotle came to the UK in 2010 and has since expanded across numerous locations. Mexican can sometimes be an odorous cuisine and further, due to local receptors and extraction restrictions, we opted to install this particular Chipotle with a Reflow system suitable for the relevant airflow and cooking challenges. Our Reflow range is adaptable, capable of being vertically or horizontally oriented, it can be located remotely or inside the kitchen and is able to cope with various airflows and cuisines – in this instance we installed plenty of carbon to control the odors and keep Chipotle popular with its neighbors.


Services Provided

8 stage Air Filtration

Removing smoke, oil and grease from the cooking process

Odour Control

Removing and reducing smells from the cooking process at extraction point

Risk Assessment

Helping Chipotle to comply with the DEFRA Guide/EMAQ Documents Risk Assessment

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