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Commercial Kitchen


Key Features ESP Range Commercial Kitchen Filtration Our Electrostatic Precipitators or ESPs have been specifically designed for kitchen extract systems and have integral sumps to …

Commercial Kitchen


Key Features MFU Range Commercial Kitchen Filtration Our MFUs are modular filter boxes designed specifically for kitchen extract systems; they collect the oil, grease and …


Industrial ESP

Key Features Industrial ESP RANGE Industrial Our Electrostatic Precipitators, or ESPs, are up to 99% efficient. Due to their compact size and built-in fan system, …

Commercial Kitchen


Reflow Commercial Kitchen Filtration Our revolutionary recirculation units extract the fumes, grease and odour into our bespoke filtration tower. There is an increasing demand for …

Commercial Kitchen


Key Features UV-O Range Commercial Kitchen Filtration Unlike other UV-C systems, our UV-O units are located outside of the kitchen extract duct and are connected …

Commercial Kitchen


Key Features UV-C Range Commercial Kitchen Filtration Our UV-C (short-wavelength ultraviolet radiation) technology is based on the synergy which occurs when ozone and ultra violet …

Commercial Kitchen

Passive Filtration

Passive Filtration Commercial Kitchen Filtration At Purified Air, we supply a range of passive filtration that can be used in conjunction with our electrostatic precipitators …

Commercial Kitchen

ON 100

Key Features ON 100 Commercial Kitchen Filtration Purified Air use patented technology to scientifically treat cooking odours emitted by commercial kitchen and restaurant exhausts. View …

Indoor Air Quality

VIU Mobile

Key Features VIU Mobile Indoor Air Quality Air Purifier & Virus Irradiation Unit A practical but aesthetic sterilisation unit suitable for both commercial and medical …

Indoor Air Quality


Key Features UVGI Ceiling Cassette Air Purifier Indoor Air Quality Our Ceiling Cassette is a versatile UV air purifier which fits seamlessly into the environment. …

Indoor Air Quality

VIU 1000

Key Features VIU 1000 Indoor Air Quality Air Purifier & Virus Irradiation Unit Designed to be installed in offices, gyms and other commercial premises to …

Indoor Air Quality


Key Features Fan Coil UVGI Indoor Air Quality Fan Coil mounted Air Purifier Our UVGI range has a destructive effect with micro-organisms such as viruses …

Indoor Air Quality


Key Features UVGI Range Indoor Air Quality Our UVGI range has a destructive effect with micro-organisms such as viruses and bacteria. Specifically, SARS-CoV-2, the virus …