UV-O Range

Our UV-O range includes:

  • UV-O 500 which can handle up to 1 m3/sec of air flow
  • UV-O 1000 which can handle up to 2 m3/sec of air flow

The UV-O range uses UV-C technology to produce ozone and hydroxyl free radicals to oxidise cooking odours through a process of ozonolysis.

Unlike other UV-C systems, our UV-O units are located outside of the kitchen extract duct and are connected via a spigot and small diameter ducting.

Although it is widely accepted that the best way to apply UV-C light is directly in-line with the air stream itself, performance will be impacted as the lamps get dirty.

With our UV-O units the air flow does not come from the exhaust duct but from the ambient air around the unit, which is filtered on entry. This means that it is able to provide a uniform supply of ozone and hydroxyl free radicals into the extract system with an extremely low pressure loss.

For optimum performance we would recommend between 2 & 6 seconds of dwell time to allow the ozone to work effectively upon the malodorous gasses within the duct.

This unit’s tried and tested UV-C technology allows for the siting of commercial kitchens in locations such as residential areas and shopping centres, where previously planning permission may not have been granted. After extensive research and development Purified Air are able to devise the best combination of lamps to provide the most effective odour control.

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