Commercial Kitchen Filtration

When opening a restaurant or commercial kitchen it is fundamentally important to understand that no odour or smoke can be found at the exhaust.  At Purified Air we specialise in the filtration and control of commercial kitchen exhaust systems.

To manage the exhaust pollution properly you have to understand it is split in to two distinct phases:-

  • The particulate phase; oil, smoke and grease particles
  • The gaseous phase or odour

Oil, Smoke & Grease Filtration – ESP’s

To effectively filter the particulate phase we manufacture and distribute a range of Electrostatic Precipitators or ESP’s. These units utilise an ionisation process to filter particles in the exhaust down to submicron level, with efficiency of up to 98% when fitted correctly.

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Odour Control

To efficiently control the gaseous phase we manufacture and distribute a range of Ultra Violet equipment, Ozone Generators as well as our Odour Neutraliser the ON100. We also supply a full gambit of passive filtration, including Activated Carbon, Baffle, Mesh, HEPA, Bag and Panel filters.

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Recirculation Canopy System

Our revolutionary recirculation system extracts the fumes, grease and odour into our bespoke filtration tower, passing through 8No. filters to exit back into the kitchen space through the front of the canopy.

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