VIU 1000

Indoor Air Quality

Air Purifier & Virus Irradiation Unit

Designed to be installed in offices, gyms and other commercial premises to remove airborne particles and help to destroy viruses including Coronavirus.

The VIU 1000 uses a dual technology electrostatic precipitation and ultraviolet light to provide purified air to your environment.

overhead unit
Standalone recirculating system
Highly efficient
Competitive Cost
/ High availability

ESP is a method of removing tiny particles from the air, the system works by applying a static charge of around 8000v to particles in the air stream. These particles are then attracted to collector plates which have the opposite electrical potential resulting in them being stripped from the air. Filtration capacity is at a very high efficiency (up to 99%) even with sub-micron sized contaminants such as virus and bacteria. The filter components used are metal and can be cleaned so there is no filter replacement necessary. A further advantage is that using static force to filter the contaminants provides a very low resistance to the air stream which enables better overall performance.


UVGI inactivates micro-organisms by attacking their DNA, permanently destroying and altering their molecular structure, leaving them unable to replicate or grow.

Our technology incorporates:

  • High output lamps with
    enclosure designed to achieve maximum irradiation.
  • ESP collector and UV lamps easily removable for cleaning or replacement.
  • Non Ozone producing lamps
The benefits of ESP and ultraviolet (UVC) technology
Removes up to 99.999% of particles
Deactivates pathogens and viruses
Modular design
Energy efficient

Technical specification

VIU 1000

Max Air Volume

up to 1700m3/hr


W2420mm | H560mm | D388mm


70KG Approx



How it works

Our VIU 1000 units are concealed above the ceiling, minimising floor space. A built-in fan draws in air, pushes it through the dual air filtration process, releasing purified air into the environment.

used by

Our commercial air filtration systems have been designed and manufactured for some of the world’s most prestigious organisations.

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