ESP Range 

Our Electrostatic Precipitators or ESP’s  have been specifically designed for kitchen extract systems and have integral sumps to collect the oil, grease and smoke particles filtered out of the exhaust.  This not only simplifies servicing but eradicates potentially dangerous spillage from the bottom of the units and greatly cuts down on buildups of grease within the ducting.

The ionisation voltage has been designed to run at a negative potential which enhances the ionisation of particles and also produces more ozone which is helpful in reducing cooking odours. Our ESP units fit in-line with the kitchen ducting and can be configured modularly to cope with all extract volume requirements.

Autowash Option

An Autowash option can be provided for our entire ESP range. The autowash nozzle attachment sits inside our standard ESP units. Once connected to the control / wash station the collection cells can be automatically cleaned at regular frequency. The system is usually factory fitted but can also be retro fitted in existing installations, dependant on the generation of units installed. Daily cleaning keeps the filters working at their optimum efficiency and will greatly reduce the number of service visits required through the year. For more information please contact our sales team.

Our ESP range includes: –
  • ESP 1500E which can handle up to 0.7m3 /sec of air flow

  • ESP 3000E which can handle up to 1.4m3 /sec of air flow

  • ESP 4500E which can handle up to 2.1m3 /sec of air flow

  • ESP 6000E which can handle up to 2.8m3 /sec of air flow


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