Do You Play With Your Food ?

In 1949 a new toy was born that has not only endured through the decades but is now the major part of the world’s biggest toy company, Lego.

Not only is it a firm favourite with children, Lego has a huge adult following which has helped it become the massive phenomenon that it is.

So much so that an enterprising restaurateur in the Philippines has come up with the idea of “Brick Burgers” a Lego styled restaurant that not only has Lego figurines dotted around the place but supplies Lego kits for customers of any age to play with before they get their meal!

And what a meal they will be getting, with buns cooked in brick form with a choice of three colours, red, yellow and black these truly are special. Using pure Australian beef for the patties with a choice of toppings to make your brick burger just how you like it what could be more appealing?

As an island of both Lego and Burger lovers, will Brick Burger be the next burger joint to land in your high street?

Watch this space.

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