Roadvent – a groundbreaking way of reducing in-road emissions

We are introducing Roadvent – a new and exciting way of capturing, treating and reducing in-road emissions by 91%. We’re proud to be a project partner, using our tried and tested technology, knowledge, and experience to develop and deliver this world-first solution to the public and private sectors.

By pulling dirty Air into the Roadvent™ slots and cleaning it with our ESP, HEPA and Carbon filters at the roadside, the ground-breaking technology has an instant, positive impact on air quality once installed.

During the launch of the product Thomas Delgado, Inventor, Founder & CEO, Roadvent, explains why they chose to partner with Purified Air in the development and manufacture of this highly effective product:

“Purified Air were the obvious choice for us when looking for a global filtration supplier. Their experience and products are second to none. With global reach and a common vision to improve millions of people’s lives, we view Purified Air as our long-term partners; they really are a pleasure to do business with.”
Thomas Delgado
Inventor, Founder & CEO, Roadvent

Here at Purified Air, we are excited about the benefits this can bring people. The potential uses for its application are wide reaching and will help improve the quality of the air we breathe on our streets now, whilst the world slowly lowers its dependents on fossil fuels and we transition to a low-emissions society.

Andrew James, Sales Director for Purified Air, goes on to say:

Purified Air are, once again, leading the way in air filtration. We’re delighted to integrate our tried and tested technology into this innovative pollution-reducing solution. We provide the best air filtration on the market for commercial kitchens and indoor air quality. Now with Roadvent, we are utilising all of our experience to help Pollution Solution with its goals of reducing roadside exhaust and particulate matter emissions.”
Andrew James
Sales Director, Purified Air

To find out more about the Roadvent, or if you have any questions and would like to find out more about how Pollution Solutions can reduce roadside pollution for your organisation, visit or get in touch with

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