What will be the next food craze to hit the UK restaurant scene?

If you knew you could make a fortune which is why so many people try to anticipate trends and stay ahead of the game.

I cannot pretend to be able to divine the future of the UK’s eating-out habits but I can report that Poke – pronounced po-keh, a traditional Hawaiian dish, is starting to move out of its island home and move into main stream American restaurant menus.

Poke is a raw-fish salad, synonymous with family gatherings and parties that can be found in supermarket delis across Hawaii, can be seen in over more American menus than four years ago according to menu research company Datassential.

Just as Sushi bars & restaurants can now be found all over the world will Poke be the next healthy option that we will be ordering for a quick and nutritious lunch?

Watch this space!

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