What will be the next food craze to hit the UK restaurant scene?

by Purified Air January 09, 2017 Uncategorised

Image courtesy of immadhungry.com

If you knew you could make a fortune which is why so many people try to anticipate trends and stay ahead of the game.

I cannot pretend to be able to divine the future of the UK’s eating-out habits but I can report that Poke – pronounced po-keh, a traditional Hawaiian dish, is starting to move out of its island home and move into main stream American restaurant menus.

Poke is a raw-fish salad, synonymous with family gatherings and parties that can be found in supermarket delis across Hawaii, can be seen in over 50{9dc568fce115109ffb3681b16d05bce7d4c66cb1e470ae2e9646f10caab4d583} more American menus than four years ago according to menu research company Datassential.

Just as Sushi bars & restaurants can now be found all over the world will Poke be the next healthy option that we will be ordering for a quick and nutritious lunch?

Watch this space!

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